Therapeutic Approch



Maria d'Avella


Maria C. d'Avella, MFT

I use a family systems approach to psychotherapy for a well-rounded perspective, and to inspire personal and relational insight. Family dynamics and intimate relationships have a powerful influence throughout life and are important in forming our self-concept and worldview.  Society, culture, heritage, and spiritual beliefs are integral to our experience.   

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy supports the identification and diagnosis of mind, behavior, and emotional processes, and is used throughout healing. Emphasis is given to healthy balance among aspects of internal nature. Therapeutic modalities include verbal processing, guided visualization, expressive arts and play.   


Individuals: Depression, anxiety, trauma, sexual abuse, and obsessions can feel isolating and be shrouded in negative emotion, resulting in difficulty functioning and relational disharmony. Fear and anger usurp our natural capacity for joy. Don’t go it alone, psychotherapy can help.
Relationships: Conscious, respectful communication honors those involved, whether between intimate partners, or parent and child. Life transitions can be challenging and affect the entire family. In times of stress, how we express our love is important for a bond of trust and safety with others.
Children: Play therapy is used for young children to express themselves and foster healing. Adolescents engage in psychotherapy through art and games. All ages are welcomed.
Eating Disorders:

The body has wisdom and will seek a healthy weight once nutrition is balanced and the mind is freed from emotional entanglements.