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Maria d'Avella



Maria C. d'Avella, MFT

Well-being and happiness begin within us. Psychological traits and core philosophical beliefs bring satisfaction, or self-doubt. Self, mind, and emotions, inform our way of life, and are within our ability to change.         

Psychotherapy is an introspective process for gaining self-awareness and learning life skills. It is a journey inward, reflected outward.  Psyche originally meant soul.  Later with the advent of Western psychology, psyche came to be referred to as the workings of the mind. We are soul, mind, body, and so much more within unified health awareness.  We are all souls on a spiritual journey; faceted gems, varied in polish.

A wide range of psychological complexities and mental health disorders are addressed within my practice. Individuals of all ages, couples, and families are welcome. Whether seeking therapy to resolve personal issues, relationship concerns, or for self-development, the ability to discern inner promptings and make healthy choices will support internal integrity and promote happiness. Please call and begin the road to wellness.